Come and see us on stand C68

We are excited to be exhibiting again at The Mind Body Spirit Festival at Olympia, London from 25-28 May.

Come and see us on stand C68!

This year marks it’s 40th Anniversary, and will be the biggest ever festival and is the leading Wellbeing event in Europe, with it’s diverse range or presenters and exhibitors

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Spring is here, and so are the allergies!

The start of spring is wonderful after a cold winter, however hayfever and allergy sufferers can dread this season as they await a couple of months of blocked noses, sneezing and puffy, itchy eyes and skin.

Colloidal Silver can help give relief to allergy symptoms due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and in some cases it can prevent allergies. It’s also a safe and natural remedy to try.

How to Take Colloidal Silver for Allergies:

Nose – itchy, stuffy, runny or sneezy – you’ll need the 100ml bottle and nasal spray to fit. You can use this as often as you like. You can also block off one nostril, spray twice into the other nostril while inhaling through your nose. Repeat with the other nostril. Wait 5 minutes then blow your nose to clear the nasal passages. Repeat as necessary. Use the Magic Gel around your nose if it’s inflamed or sore.

Eyes and Ears – itchy, sore, puffy, clogged – you’ll need the 100ml bottle and dropper cap to fit. Use 2-3 drops into your ear a few times a day. You can also use the Magic Gel on the skin around your ear or eye too to soothe it.

Throat – itchy or sore – you’ll need the 100ml bottle with the standard spray. Spray 10-20 times into the back of your mouth and gargle then swallow.

Skin – itchy, sore, inflamed – use the Magic Gel (30ml or 80ml pot) on the whole area as many times as you like throughout the day. Good for heat rash, and all skin related allergies too.


According to new research published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, a common bacteria,Pseudomonas aeruginosa, is involved in some cases of respiratory inflammation that can lead to allergies, asthma or other serious respiratory conditions. This bacteria can cause white blood cells to produce high levels of histamine which in turn leads to inflammation seen in common allergies, particularly the red, itchy eyes, puffy skin, runny nose and sometimes painful, swollen nasal passages.

As an article on the HealthWithSilver website states:
Although simply ingesting colloidal silver alone is probably not going to stop an allergic reaction, experts say that small oral amounts of colloidal silver can provide dramatic support to the immune system, which in turn can help limit allergic reactions.

Colloidal silver can also help prevent secondary infections that tend to arise as a result of the body’s response to allergens. This is especially true in cases of sinus irritation caused by allergies.

For sinus irritation, rinsing the sinuses with colloidal silver can work wonders. You can use a simple nasal spray bottle to spray colloidal silver up into the sinus cavities while inhaling deeply. Or you can add a couple of tablespoons of colloidal silver to the water in a neti pot and rinse your sinuses out that way.

Colloidal silver is a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps soothe inflamed sinus passages. Rinsing the sinuses also helps to eliminate the pain caused by sinus pressure, and relieve sinus headaches. Colloidal silver nanoparticles that remain in the sinus cavity for at least five minutes may help destroy tiny bacteria and mold pathogens that could otherwise prolong the allergic response and lead to further infection.”

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New Formula Magic Gel

The Colloidal Silver ‘Magic Gel’ is now our best selling product. It’s brilliant at healing all sort of skin complaints from cuts, bites, burns, to eczema, acne and psoriasis. 
We have now improved the formula and using a higher concentration of Silver so that it’s even more effective at healing and soothing skin.

Our ethos is to make sure all our products are affordable and of the best quality to improve our customers health. Due to the new and improved formula of ‘Magic Gel’, to cover the costs, we will be increasing the retail price of the Magic Gel from £8 to £10 and Hit the Spot from £5 to £6.  These new prices will be effective from Friday, 13 October 2017.

The new formula means that the Colloidal Silver Gel is more light sensitive than before, so do make sure you keep it in the fridge, or a dark place, out of direct sunlight. If the Gel get’s too much light it will turn a purple colour, but it’s still absolutely fine to use.

How and Why does Colloidal Silver work?

If you’ve never heard of, or used Colloidal Silver, here’s a little summary about how it works:
Like with anything in life, nature seeks to be balanced or neutral. In our bodies there are good and bad bacteria. A good bacteria helps our body function and is well balanced, having equal amounts of positive and negative electrical charges (ions). Bad bacteria is out of balance because it has more negative than positive ions.
The silver particles in our Colloidal Silver are positively charged. Once ingested or coming into contact with skin, the positively charged Colloidal Silver is then attracted to and seeks out the spare negative ions in bad bacteria (like a magnet). The Colloidal Silver rips the negative electrons away from the bad bacteria which makes it collapse, suffocate and die. It is then cleared out of the body by the immune, lymphatic and elimination systems.
The good thing about this process is that the bad bacteria can’t build up a resistance to the Colloidal Silver. Also, assuming the right concentration has been taken, the Colloidal Silver is absorbed rapidly into the upper gastrointestinal tract, leaving very little or none to interact with the beneficial ‘good’ bacteria in our intestines which are needed for our body to function effectively.
People are building resistance to modern antibiotics and also these antibiotics kill the friendly bacteria we need in our gut, which is why more people are turning to Colloidal Silver. Interestingly Colloidal Silver actually helps to enhance the effectiveness of antibiotics too (read more).
Colloidal Silver is non-toxic and safe for humans, reptiles, animals, plants and all multi-celled living matter.

Body, Mind Soul and OH YOGA Exhibition!

We have 5 pairs of tickets to give away to our customers to this brilliant 3-day event.

Mind Body Soul OH Yoga Exhibition, Alexandra Palace on 20/21/22 October

Active Silver will be exhibiting at this event, so come and see us on Stand 58.

This event is an eclectic collection of complementary health and aims to help visitors develop a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy soul. Visitors will be taking away new ideas and ancient wisdom as well as a spring in their step.

How to win: Follow this link to the Active Silver Facebook page and comment on the post to be in with a chance to win one of the 5 pairs of tickets. Competition closes Wednesday 4 October 8pm.

Facebook: @mbsexperience
Twitter: @MBSExp
Instagram: @mbs_experience

The hashtag for the event is #mbs17