Our Team

We are a family business with a small, specialist and brilliant team. We all love what we do, we love the products and our customers, and we have a lot of fun along the way too. Meet our makers, innovators, organisers and specialists…


Lucy Roberts - Managing Director (aka The Creator)


Lucy has a passion for natural health. Lucy’s background is in Communications and Events having worked previously in corporate businesses, as well as a botanical skincare, supplements company. Lucy and her husband Nick have three children and they all love sport.

Go-to Product: Magic Gel and Hand Cream. “I use all the products, but the magic gel is the one we use the most -it’s an incredible skin healer and great for emergencies. Having three kids it's used almost daily in our house for anything from a rash, spot, insect bite, cut etc! The best for first aid at home! The Hand Cream is the indulgent one for me, I love the smell and use it every night before I go to bed, it’s become a ritual”


Dick Goodall - New Product Development (aka The Alchemist)
Dick is always experimenting, researching and innovating to ensure the highest standards are met for our products as well as formulating our new products. With 30 years experience, Dick has developed an advanced electrolysis technique to make colloidal silver, forming the basis for Active Silver’s products today. Dick’s hobbies are rugby and gardening.

Go-to Product: Colloidal Silver. “I’ve taken 30ml every day for years and years, and I haven’t had a cold or any winter bugs since. The more people know about Colloidal Silver the more people use it – it’s uses are endless”.

Alex Mengham - Operations Manager (aka Chief Happiness Officer)
Alex looks after all of our customers. She’s the one who answers your emails, calls and queries, always with a smile. Alex ensures we have the right stock levels and that your orders are sent out on time, keeping us shipshape! Alex has three children and loves prosecco!

Go-to Product: Magic Gel. “It’s hard to choose my favourite as I love all the products, but having three kids and a dog we use Magic Gel for everything, we wouldn’t be without it in our family”

Monique Drake – Production Manager (aka Product Guru)
Monique is a perfectionist and makes our products with lots of care and attention. She’s a stickler for quality and presentation and ensures all products are made and bottled to the highest standards! She has two children and loves skiing and sunshine.

Go-to Products: Lip Balm and Magic Gel. “My kids use Magic Gel for everything, they believe in the magic because it works! The lip balm is also a fav of mine, so good for all year around, and everyone that uses it loves it”

Kelly Crocombe – Operations Assistant (aka Jelly)

Kelly works hard to ensure your orders are sent out on time and are packed beautifully. Kelly is always calm and helpful, and makes great tea! She has three children and loves chocolate!

Go-to Product: Glow Moisturiser. ‘I love it, it really soaks into my skin, feels luxurious, doesn’t feel greasy, and makes my skin glow’’.

Vicky Alkin – Operations Assistant (aka Bicky)
Vicky works closely with Alex and Kelly to ensure orders are sent out on time and presented perfectly. Vicky has lots of energy and is always helping others. She has two children and loves shopping!

Go-to Product: Ear Drops. “These have been amazing for my daughters to prevent and treat ear infections caused by swimming, especially on holiday,we wouldn’t go without them!

Maggie Goodall – Manufacturing Manager (aka The Organiser)
Maggie has a keen eye for detail, overseeing all the field testing as well as certification and manufacturing processes to make sure we are compliant and meet regulation standards.

Go-to product: Body Butter. “My skin has never been better, I use it every day morning and night and it really keeps my skin soft and supple”

"It’s important to me to make people aware of this unique and natural product, to help them find an alternative way to improve their health. That’s why I set up Silver Health Limited – we use our expertise and experience to make our products, so people have the choice to try it and evaluate the benefits for themselves."

Lucy Roberts, Managing Director, Active Silver


"After many years seeing fantastic results using Colloidal Silver in commercial buildings, and using it myself, it's great to be able to share our product with everyone. The way Colloidal Silver works is so effective and safe to use, that no household should be without it!"

Dick Goodall, New Product Developement, Active Silver