The Power of Essential Oils


Plants have different scents and essences that can be used to make essential oils. 


In addition, since the plants have unique aromatic compounds, they help give each essential oil its unique characteristic essence.


Essential oils are mainly used in aromatherapy, where they are inhaled through different methods. However, these oils can also be diluted and applied directly to the skin. Here is a look at the power of essential oils.


Stimulates the Limbic System


The aromas from the essential oils help to stimulate areas of your limbic system. This is a part of your brain which plays a role in emotional behaviors, long-term memory, and sense of smell. So, when you use the essential oil, it can help in making memories.


It Helps You to Relax


When you use the essential oil, it can help your body to relax. It is no wonder that essential oils are recommended to people who have difficulties sleeping. 


Using the oil before or while getting into bed, will help relieve stress and help your body relax. Thus, this will help increase your sleep time.


Have Antioxidant Properties


The other power of essential oil is that it has antioxidant properties. That helps in preventing damage to your cells that free radicals might cause. 


This is vital as the damage of the cells could lead to serious health complications. So, when you use essential oils, it will help to increase the antioxidant properties and prolong its shelf life.


Improves Your Mood


Another power of essential oils is their ability to improve your mood. If you use essential oils, it may relieve the symptoms of stress.


Active Silver


Knowing the potential and powerful benefits of essential oils, Active Silver have included essential oils in many of their products.


Products that can be found in the 'Skin Care' section of the website especially, contain essential oils.


Melissa oil can be found in Magic Hand Cream and Lip Balm.


Lavender oil can be found in Skin cleanse and the Hand Steriliser.


Tea tree oil can be found in Skin cleanse and the Hand Steriliser.

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