Why Colloidal Silver may be Beneficial for Cats

Why Colloidal Silver may be Beneficial for Cats

Our pets mean a great deal to us but some of them are more prone to infections than others. For example, our cats often develop infections such as urinary tract infections.

While taking your cat to the vet every time it has a health concern isn't always practical, many people want to know if colloidal silver may provide benefits for a cat's health. There are potential ways in which it may support good health.

Colloidal Silver and Cat Health

Since colloidal silver may work as a natural antibiotic, it may help to keep pesky infections at bay. Since cats are prone to UTIs and other infections, you may be tired of turning to expensive and potentially harmful remedies such as steroids and antibiotics.

These can cause long-term side effects. Colloidal silver is used by some in a cat's first aid kit as a natural antibiotic.

Most cats are fussy about what they ingest so getting them to take any type of medication can be a challenge.

Colloidal silver is easy to administer since it doesn't have much of a taste or smell. It can also be used externally as it can be licked by the cat. Many cat owners will put colloidal silver on any scratches to help them heal.

Colloidal silver has antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial properties. This means that it may eliminate bacteria and pathogens in the body without having known dangerous side effects.

It may support healing from stomach ailments, cuts and scratches, ear infections, UTIs, and other types of general infections. A lot of cat owners will give their cats the colloidal silver in water or it can be added to their food as well.

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