Where can I get Colloidal Silver Gel in the UK?

Colloidal silver has a long and extremely interesting history...

Known as a “cure-all” by many, colloidal silver has been used for a wide range of applications throughout the centuries.

In modern times, colloidal silver can be used in gel form.

Active Silver has produced a product called ‘Magic Gel’ which is produced, packaged and distributed from the United Kingdom.

Magic Gel is a versatile product that has been reported to be successful when it comes to aiding cuts, burns, acne, sunburn, prickly heat and more...

The gel contains Aloe Vera which soaks in quickly take the nanoparticles of silver with it.

Magic Gel is natural and gentle to the skin and to many is an important item to have at home.

Humans aren’t the only ones to have benefitted from the gel with many Active Silver customers reporting success when using it on their pets.

Here are a few examples of happy Magic Gel customers:

"I am quite new to Active-Silver. I have been using it orally, but it has also had an amazing effect one a fungal toenail that I have been unsuccessfully treating. I dabbed a little of the solution on my toenail each night, kept it cut short and after 2 months it has worked. No more nasty toenail. I'm delighted!" Helen B

‘’The Active Silver Gel is my ‘go-to’ little pot of first aid magic in my household. With two little ones there is always a need for some soothing gel – whether it a bump, eczema patch or a sore toe it’s brilliant to have one gel that does it all. Plus as it’s kept in the fridge it also has a lovely cooling effect. Highly recommended for any family.’’ Sarah C-W