Eczema and Colloidal Silver

Eczema and Colloidal Silver

Wow! This has to be one of the most powerful success stories that we've seen.

Anybody who has been unfortunate enough to have seen the effects of eczema will know just how debilitating and uncomfortable it can be.

19-year-old Winky Cheung from Hong Kong suffers from severe eczema and with the use of Magic Gel and Colloidal Silver, she has had a huge transformation in just 7 months!

Here's what Winky had to say about her experience with Active Silver products:

"I love the Active Silver products. They make me feel great. Beautiful products, good quality with nice packaging. Very happy with them. I have been Active Silver's customer for 1.5 years. Active Silver products are the only things that work on my wounds. I have a lot of confidence in the brand Active Silver and would not consider other colloidal silver brands."

The original review in Chinese:

"我好中意active sliver既膠性銀系列產品,對於中意既產品我會一直回購,由品質到外包裝都係完美,令我使用感受非常好,喺傷口唯一會使用既只有active sliver既膠性銀系列產品,已經使用超過一年半,膠性銀產品只對active sliver有信心,唔會考慮用其他牌子。"

Here's a bit of background info on how Winky uses the products:

Winky uses Magic Gel or Magic Gel Spray on wounds at night and Colloidal silver on her skin whenever needed.

Winky has a problem when products are too moisturising so she only uses Magic Gel or Magic Gel Spray once a day on wounds.

We recommend using the gel or spray a few times a day, as and when needed. As you can see Winky was very poorly and she has always known her skin very well. She chooses to use the products the way that suits her best.