Colloidal Silver Ingredients

Colloidal Silver Ingredients

Silver has an incredibly rich history and is part of the precious metals family.

To many, the precious nature of silver is due to the fact that it has multi-uses and one of them historically was money.

As well as being a store of value and being used for decorative purposes, silver has a rich history of being used in healthcare.

Going back as far as Ancient Greece, silver coins were placed in barrels of water to prevent spoilage.

Fast-forwarding along the silver timeline, colloidal silver emerged in 1891 and was used by a surgeon to clean wounds.

Colloidal Silver gained popularity and was used by many as a “cure-all”.

What does Colloidal Silver solution contain?

Colloidal silver is a very simple solution made of just two ingredients, pure silver and water.

Nanoparticles of silver are added to water and due to the almost weightless nature of the particles, the silver is suspended in the water.

There are two main benefits to this...

There will be no silver sediment at the bottom of the container.

The particles are evenly distributed throughout the solution, allowing for more effective application.

The silver used by Active Silver is .999 pure and the water used conforms to British and European standards.

The colloidal silver is made in the U.K. and is premium quality at 10ppm (parts per million).

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