Colloidal Silver Immune Support

Colloidal Silver Immune Support

Our immune systems play a vital role in our wellbeing offering protection against harmful substances, bacteria, viruses and cell changes.

For obvious reasons, a boost in immune system health is desirable.

The immune system creates a barrier that prevents invaders from entering our bodies.

If one of these invaders does manage to enter, the immune system produces white blood cells as well as proteins and chemicals to wage a war on the unwanted substances.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has been used in medicine for centuries and many claim that they have used it to treat a wide range of ailments.

Although many people have argued against these claims, test-tube studies found that colloidal silver has strong antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects.

With the properties that colloidal silver possesses, there may be evidence to suggest that the solution may give the immune system a helping hand.

When it comes to fighting bacteria, colloidal silver is known to have the ability to fight super pathogens that may be elusive to antibiotics.

When tackling viruses, the theory behind the efficacy of colloidal silver is that the enzymes of the virus are disturbed starving it of oxygen.


Active Silver has a very popular Colloidal Silver solution. Customers have reported success using the products relating to the immune system...

"I take colloidal silver every day and was recommended to do so by my hair specialist. It is easy to take and without a doubt my immune system is better for it.

During the first lock down I stuck a garden knife into my arm ( not the best move) Although quite deep I refused to go to A&E (for obvious reasons).

I cleansed it with the silver and the kept smearing magic gel onto it. Three days later I I went to the chemist at my husband's insistence as it was swollen.

The chemist agreed I should have had it stitched but was amazed when I told him how I had treated it and that I had only done it 3 days prior. Fantastic all round I am a complete fan of all your products." - Margaret

“"I am so thrilled with Active Silver products and keep trying more things out!! It's great to have products that are both natural and effective and lovely to use.

I especially love the Colloidal silver which I take daily to boost my immune system, which has been particularly beneficial over this past year. Love the special offer on the bigger bottles too. These really are great products, thank you." - Lynne