Colloidal Silver Hand Steriliser

Colloidal Silver Hand Steriliser

We’ve all found ourselves living through a time where hygiene and cleanliness are at the forefront of people’s minds.

Having sterile hands is important to many and this is often achieved by using easy-to-carry products.

But at what cost?

Many people complain of cracked, split and damaged hands due to frequent use of hand sanitisers. This has lead people to seek out more gentle options when it comes to the health of their hands.

Can Colloidal Silver help?

Colloidal Silver has a rich history and has been used as a “cure-all” for centuries.

Colloidal Silver is known to have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties making it an ideal solution for hand sterilisation.

Active Silver have created an alcohol-free Colloidal Silver Hand Steriliser containing natural ingredients and is kind to hands.

The product contains colloidal silver, tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosehip oil and aloe vera gel.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil created by steaming the leaves of the Australian tea tree.

Tea tree oil is known to have antibacterial properties and is used by many worldwide.

Lavender oil is also an essential oil and is hugely popular. This oil is known to promote relaxation and is believed to have anti-fungal properties.

Rosehip oil has many known benefits and is thought to hydrate, moisturise, exfoliate and reduce inflammation and more...

Aloe vera has a wide range of benefits and is known to accelerate wound healing as well as having anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties.

Active Silver’s Colloidal Silver Hand Steriliser has proven to be a hit with customers and here are a couple of reviews:

“This smells so clean fresh and clean and I’m so pleased to have found a hand sterliser without alcohol that is gentle on my hands” Kelly C

“Love this pocket size hand spray, ideal for when out and about, and love that it’s all natural ingredients” Will G