Colloidal Silver for Dry Eyes

Colloidal Silver for Dry Eyes

Having dry eyes is problematic for many and highly uncomfortable.

Dry eye disease is very common and is due to the eyes not getting sufficient lubrication from the tear ducts.

It’s not only the amount of fluid that is produced by the tear ducts that’s the problem, it can also be the quality of the tears.

Problems with tear production can lead to damage and inflammation of the eyes.

As you may know, having inflammation in this area can be extremely uncomfortable and can lead to a stinging and burning sensation.

Some of the symptoms

You may experience mucus in and around the eye.

You may also have developed a sensitivity to light.

Redness in the eye is also common.

You may feel as if you constantly have something in your eye.

It may be hard to wear contact lenses.

You may also experience watery eyes amongst other symptoms...

How can Colloidal Silver help?

Colloidal Silver is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and its minute particles that are evenly distributed throughout the solution.

Active Silver offers a product called ‘Magic EYE Drops’ that can be used to keep eyes healthy and clean.

Customers have reported that Magic EYE Drops have helped to clean the eye area as well as soothing dry eyes.

One customer reported:

“If my eyes get itchy or dry, just one drop soothes them. Always carry them in my handbag and great for travel”. - LG

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