Colloidal Silver and Mount Everest

Colloidal Silver and Mount Everest

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Katie Davey shares her experience with Active Silver products when completing the Mount Everest Base Camp. Yes!! MOUNT EVEREST!

Here's Katie's experience...

In April 2019 I completed Everest Base Camp. One of the most important items on the packing list was water purification tablets. The water in the Himalayas is very dirty, containing all sorts of viruses and bacteria. It was of priority that the water I was drinking was cleaned. I didn't want to use purification tablets. The warnings on the box put me off straight away. Warnings such as do not give to aquatic life, can cause serious eye irritation, may cause respiratory irritation... why would I want to put anything like this in my water!?! I wanted to use an alternative method of water purification which would be safe for me and also could handle high quantities of water since I was drinking about 5 liters a day. 


So I emailed Active Silver and got chatting to Lucy. She was an absolute star! Made recommendations with no guarantee it would work as had not been tested before. But I had 100% faith and trust in the product. They produced for me a higher concentration of colloidal silver liquid and I would mix 1 litre of dirty water with 2 small teaspoons of the colloidal silver. Wait and shake and then transfer to one of those hydration bladder bag things which is in my backpack with the big straw coming out of it. Sometimes the water even looked grim with bits floating around in it. Felt totally confident the water was clean with the Active Silver in it 😀  

The results.... I didn't get sick once! The water tasted clean too, not like some of the group who complained their water tasted of chemicals. The bottle the liquid comes in is amazing for pouring too, it comes out nice and slow so you don't end up spilling it everywhere and wasting liquid. Everyone in the group was asking me about what I was using and wished they had known about this amazing product before travelling. Honestly I cannot thank you enough. It was amazing! 

(There was a couple who both got really sick one day (possibly from the water as they ate the same like everyone else) and I was giving them silver to take.  Everyone kept saying why am I not using purification tablets instead and I would just look at them and say well hey I've not got sick yet so it must be working. Sometimes people complained their water tasted not very nice but mine always tasted fine. I think it's because their tablets left funny tastes).

I also took a teaspoon every night to make sure I stayed healthy as some people developed quite a nasty cold in the high altitudes. 

There were many days we had no running water so I would use the silver magic gel as hand sanitiser which worked an absolute treat. One of the girls cut her arm on one of the hanging bridges, I was right there with the magic gel to ensure no infections occurred.
I cannot recommend this product enough. It kept me safe whilst drinking dirty water for 12 days. It kept me clean and sanitised when I had no way to wash my hands. Amazing, THANK YOU so much

Another thing as well was that you get a really nasty dry cough the higher you get as the air is so cold and dry. Plus the dust is horrendous. So i would spritz some silver to my throat each night. It didn't make the cough go away but it did really sooth it at that time. And my cough went really quick after getting back whereas one girl ended up in hospital with bronchitis and another girl ended up coming home and it got so bad she ended up in hospital with a collapsed lung. So I did pretty good

Magic Gel..... great for a germ free flight too! I used as hand sanitiser before eating PLUS I used on my face when it was feeling dry. The gel was amazing! As I didn't shower for 11 days 🤢 I would give my armpits a little wipe with a water wipe then rub some magic gel into my armpits. I am not sure if I just got used to my smell, but I felt really fresh considering 🤣