Can Colloidal Silver Help With Pink Eye?

Can Colloidal Silver Help With Pink Eye?

In homoeopathy, colloidal silver is often used as a possible remedy to treat infections. Most commonly, a colloidal homeopathic remedy is prescribed by a qualified homoeopath when a person is experiencing a skin infection. However, it is widely believed colloidal silver may have other uses as well.

Pink eye is a common eye condition. It occurs mainly for three reasons; allergic reaction, a bacterial or viral infection.

Can Colloidal Silver Remedy Pink Eye?

As always when it comes to alternative and homeopathic remedies, success rates vary. People have found that colloidal silver helps to reverse and ease the symptoms of pink eye.

It is important to find out why you are suffering from pink eye (conjunctivitis) in the first instance. Finding out if you are experiencing pink eye as a result of an allergic reaction could be of importance.

Pink Eye Caused By An Infection

When your pink eye is caused by a viral or bacterial infection, there may be a possibility that colloidal silver can help. It has long been used to treat skin infections. There is a chance that it may also remedy infections experienced in other parts of the body.

In Conclusion,

One thing is for sure, an increasing number of us are turning to alternative remedies. There is every possibility that many of the alternative remedies we use today, will be used together with conventional treatments in the future. Antibiotic resistance is a serious issue. We may have to explore alternatives and colloidal silver is certainly on the list.

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