Can Colloidal Silver help with an Eye Infection?

Can Colloidal Silver help with an Eye Infection?

Colloidal silver is known to have many health benefits, but is tackling troublesome eye infections possible?

Eye irritations and infections can be caused by many things including bacteria, fungi, allergies and viruses.

As eyes are very sensitive if any of the above were to come into contact with the eye or the surrounding tissue, infection may occur.

The use of contact lenses may place people at a higher risk of infection due to a reduction in oxygen to the eyes.

This reduction in oxygen may lead to the accumulation of bacteria or fungi.

Some of the common symptoms relating to an eye infection are watery, itchy, red and sometimes swollen eyes.
Depending on the severity of the eye infection, the unfortunate person or animal may experience discharge and or crusting.

This can often lead to eyes being sealed overnight, and it may be painful to try and open the eye in the morning.
If the tear ducts are affected by infection, the ducts may become inflamed often leading to blockage.
It is very important to avoid leaving an infected eye untreated as the consequences can be very serious indeed.

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a liquid solution containing suspended silver nanoparticles.
Due to the minute nature of the particles, gravity has no impact allowing for an even distribution throughout the water solution.
For this reason, you should expect to see no sediment at the bottom of a container of colloidal silver. 
Using colloidal silver  
It is thought that due to this amazingly minute particle size, the body is able to absorb the silver easily without any tissue damage.

It's important to note that these findings were found at low doses.

The potent nature of colloidal silver may help with eye infections while being gentle enough to leave healthy cells and tissue undamaged.
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Thankyou" - Susan

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