Can Colloidal Silver help with Acne?

Can Colloidal Silver help with Acne?

Acne can be troublesome for many, the symptoms can lead to painful and unsightly skin.

Colloidal Silver has been used throughout the centuries and has long been associated with wound healing.

The use of Colloidal Silver over the centuries covers preservative, healing and antibiotic use.

You may be wondering where the term Colloidal Silver comes from? Colloidal Silver is a solution made up of silver particles that are suspended in water.

These particles are often referred to as nanoparticles and it is thought that these nanoparticles lock onto the proteins found in the cellular wall of bacteria.

This is the way that the nanoparticles find their way into the cell and therefore destroy the bacteria.

There are several reasons why Colloidal Silver is considered to be effective in the fight against acne.

Colloidal Silver is not only known to be an effective treatment against acne but is also known to be an effective preventative.

Many acne treatments can compromise the skin's Microbiome causing further inflammation.

Colloidal Silver may offer a gentle alternative due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Colloidal Silver is known to leave healthy skin unaffected whilst tackling bacteria.
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