Can Colloidal Silver Help with a Rash?

Can Colloidal Silver Help with a Rash?

Silver has been used to help with a variety of ailments for thousands of years before antibiotics and modern medicine were created and implemented as the standard.

Colloidal silver is a distilled water solution with nanoparticles of suspended silver that may help treat afflictions such as infections, skin issues, respiratory infections, and even viruses.
For those looking for a more natural or homeopathic remedy for skin conditions such as rashes, colloidal silver may help with the healing and easing of rashes as it has been known to act as a natural antibacterial treatment method.
Colloidal silver may also help soothe irritated skin. Colloidal silver, when used topically on skin issues such as rashes, may help to promote stimulation within the skin and other soft tissues that lead to healing.

On top of being known to have antibacterial properties, colloidal silver may also help with any inflammation and swelling occurring with the rash.

Colloidal silver can be easily applied topically as a gel. Active Silver Magic Gel can be applied directly to the area affected by a rash or other skin conditions.

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The Aloe Vera Gel soaks in quickly, taking the colloidal silver through all skin layers top to bottom, to help rapidly heal, soothe and reduce scarring.

Gentle, natural, effective and essential item to have at home, for all your family and pets, at the first sign of an infection or irritation.

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