Can Colloidal Silver Benefit Birds?

Can Colloidal Silver Benefit Birds?

If you're a bird owner or interested in natural remedies, you may be familiar with colloidal silver. While often used for human ailments, can colloidal silver be beneficial with bird ailment as well? The simple answer is that it may support the bird's natural health, especially with certain diseases or conditions.

Birds and Colloidal Silver


A simple search will show you how many bird enthusiasts rave about the benefits of colloidal silver. Many report that they notice a significant benefit when it comes to the health and wellness of their birds. From improved flying to better breeding, it may help support health naturally without making any other changes. Keep in mind that colloidal silver does not have any known side effects and will not be toxic unless large amounts are consumed.
The area of treating bird ailments with this substance is still being developed but it's also growing in popularity. To get an idea of what types of treatments are being used, these are a few of the common reasons why birdkeepers are turning to colloidal silver today.

General Listlessness

This would be for a bird who doesn't have a defined illness but may appear to be feeling tired and not up to its best. A solution of 1/4 ml solution for a small bird is known to be used three times a day for up to seven days. The solution may also be adjusted up or down. People take note when observing the bird's mood and activity level to determine if colloidal silver is improving the symptoms.

Eye and Eye Infections

To support healing from infection, colloidal silver may be used as desired. Usually, a dosage of 1-4 drops is all that's needed with a smaller amount for smaller birds. A larger dose may be used for larger birds such as Amazons or Macaws. If the colloidal silver solution is going to be effective, you may see results within a day or two.

Wounds and Cuts

Any scrapes or bruises should be cleaned just like you would naturally do. Once you've removed any dirt and debris, clean the area with the neat solution. Repeat daily with the solution until the wound has healed completely. Evaluate it daily to ensure that it's healing well. The colloidal silver solution may help it heal more rapidly.

New Birds

New birds typically need to be kept in quarantine. Although they may be perfectly healthy, it's not a bad idea to give them 1 ml of orally for larger birds for seven days. This can be adjusted down to one drop per day for smaller birds. You can also mix in with the birds water while they're in quarantine.

Finally, keep in mind that all birds are going to have some medical problems throughout their lifetimes. If you want to support good health with your birds, then you may want to consider using these tips to improve and maintain their wellness.


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