Can Colloidal Silver be Beneficial in Creams?

Can Colloidal Silver be Beneficial in Creams?

Colloidal silver, as its name suggests, is a compound where tiny pieces of silver are suspended in water. The pieces of silver are so small that they're actually invisible to the naked eye. With a variety of uses, colloidal silver has been used for a number of purposes. One question that many people have is whether colloidal silver can be used in creams to provide benefits.

Colloidal Silver and the Skin

One of the benefits of colloidal silver is that it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. When it comes into contact with these foreign elements, the colloidal silver will typically kill them. In fact, look at a hospital's medical equipment to see how many products use silver coated products for sterile equipment. It is the same property of colloidal silver which makes it a good product to use on topical treatments. The most common reason to use a cream that contains colloidal silver would be for acne, wound healing, and skin infections.

Colloidal silver can be used in a variety of ways, but it's commonly used to aid in wound healing. As an antibacterial mineral solution, you'll often find it contained in high-end skincare products. By promoting skin repairing as well as reducing bacterial growth, using a cream or solution that contains colloidal silver can help to improve healing and promote healthy skin tissue. Since the silver can promote these benefits without harming tissue, there may be less scarring as well.

It's unusual for colloidal silver to have any negative side effects when used in creams, even for sensitive skin types so you may consider using it for a healthy skin boost. It's great for anyone who wants to avoid scarring, anti-aging, and skin restoration from conditions, as it supports healthy skin growth and function. With its benefits, many people consider this ingredient to be a huge boost to their skincare regimen.

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