Active Silver is high quality manufacturer of Colloidal Silver

Active Silver is high quality manufacturer of Colloidal Silver

If you search online or on Amazon, you’ll see that there are a lot of Colloidal Silver manufactures - but not like Active Silver.

Like anything you need to do your research and know that what you are buying is reputable and safe!

Colloidal Silver is all about particle size!

It’s the very small particle size of silver that we produce that makes it so effective as it has a greater surface area of silver, making it easier for the body/skin to absorb, process and eliminate.

Active Silver is produced at a concentration of 10ppm (parts per million), with the silver particle size between 0.0005 to 0.005 microns.

Once Colloidal Silver goes above 10ppm, the particle sizes get bigger and it becomes less effective as it’s not as easily absorbed.

Common mistake about Colloidal Silver

A very common mistake people make is to think that Colloidal Silver made at a higher concentration (20, 30ppm or more) will be more effective or stronger.

This isn’t actually the case - it just means there are larger particles of silver in the product, meaning a less surface area to interact with the bacteria and the larger particles aren't absorbed easily.

If the parts per million goes over 10, it’s very difficult to continue to produce a consistent small particle size due to the way the electrolysis process works.

Silver Health Limited have over 20 years’ experience manufacturing Colloidal Silver and over 50 years’ experience in Water Filtration.

We are passionate about manufacturing the highest quality, safest and purest Colloidal Silver.

Our technology is one of the best, creating the smallest particles of silver on the market.

We manufacture Active Silver using the purest silver (99.999%) and ultra-pure water, which is filtered via our 9-stage purification system, producing less than 1ppm of dissolved solids.