A World Without Antibiotics?

A World Without Antibiotics?

Are you finding it harder to get antibiotics from the doctor? Well this blog might explain why...

I’m sure you’ve heard lots in the news recently about antibiotic resistance and according to the NHS, it’s one of the most significant threats to date.

The NHS and antibiotics

The NHS have launched a huge awareness campaign as they believe we are overusing then (both in humans and animals) and prescribing them inappropriately.  http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/ARC/Pages/AboutARC.aspx

One thing I didn’t realise was so prevalent was the use of antibiotic in livestock. Antibiotics are used for the treatment of infection but also put into animal feed to promote growth and improve feed efficiency.  So, by consuming the animal, we are then consuming more antibiotic indirectly adding to the rise in resistance!

Bacteria can survive

Antibiotics are so important to us for treating infections yet bacteria can adapt and find ways to survive.  So not only could we end up with a bug that no antibiotic can treat, making us very ill, it also means there are many more dangers with more straightforward treatments such as setting broken bones, basic operations and chemotherapy – they all rely on access to antibiotics that work to prevent infections...

So a world without antibiotics looks quite scary.  However for now we can all do our bit by using antibiotics only when necessary and buying organic, antibiotic-free meats. There are also other ways to help boost your immune system and help with infections such as consuming Garlic, Echinacea and Colloidal Silver.