3 Positive Impacts Colloidal Silver may have on Skin

3 Positive Impacts Colloidal Silver may have on Skin

Colloidal silver is a solution that contains tiny silver particles suspended in liquid. Many report that they use it to support a number of health problems and may be taken internally or also applied to the skin.

What exactly are the specific uses for colloidal silver on skin though? These are a few potential benefits to consider.

Improve Wound Healing

Colloidal silver has properties that may fight against bacteria and inflammation.

For this reason, many people apply colloidal silver to scrapes and abrasions. It may support healthy healing while helping to prevent any germs or bacteria.

It may also work to reduce skin inflammation during healing and help skin to regrow faster. This may be beneficial especially in people who may have slow-healing wounds.

Improve Skin Disorders

Anyone who struggles from a skin disorder such as ezcema or similar may benefit from using colloidal silver.

In fact, many creams and ointments used to treat skin conditions contain colloidal silver. They may help to reduce the inflammation in the area, allowing them to heal naturally without the use of drugs.

Preventing Illness
Diseases that are not specifically on the skin but may cause skin-related problems have been known to also be treated with colloidal silver.

For example, diseases such as herpes and shingles can cause bumps or lesions on the skin that may be painful and embarrassing.

Colloidal silver may be applied to these areas to potentially clear them up more rapidly.

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