Colloidal Gold – 250ml

Colloidal Gold – 250ml

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Colloidal Gold contains microscopic gold particles (made from 23 carat gold) suspended in ultra-pure water. It is red/pink in colour.

Colloidal Gold may help to improve your nervous system, clarity of mind, performance and health.

It's known to help:

  • Arthritis, restless leg syndrome and ease joint pain
  • Improve mental clarity, concentration, memory and focus
  • Re-awaken the senses such as vision and hearing
  • Have a calming effect to ease stress, anxiety, depression and increase energy
  • Improve skin, a good spritz onto your face each day will be good for your complexion too or use our GLOW moisturiser (hundreds of ££ cheaper than a gold leaf facial which are now all the rage!)

Colloidal Gold is a natural stimulant and rejuvenator for cells throughout the body and improves the electrical signals between nerve cells in the brain.

It can be ingested. It’s recommended to take 5 – 15ml, between 1 and 3 times a day.

Active Silver Colloidal Gold solution is manufactured to the highest quality.

If taking 5ml a day, this bottle will last 50 days.


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