The importance of natural skincare.

The importance of natural skincare.


In today's fast-paced world, our skincare routines often involve grabbing the latest product off the shelves without a second thought. But have you ever stopped to consider what exactly you're putting on your skin? With the abundance of skincare products available on the high street, it's easy to overlook the importance of reading labels and understanding the ingredients they contain.


Many people are now getting used to the buzzwords of today; 'clean', 'natural', 'free from nasties', but do you actually know what those phrases mean? Do you know what 'nasties' actually are? If you answered no, you're not alone.

Many skincare products lining the shelves of shops are filled with synthetic chemicals, preservatives, and other potentially harmful additives, and consumers are completely unaware. These additives might offer short-term benefits, but they can wreak havoc on your skin and overall health in the long run. From parabens and phthalates to sulphates and artificial fragrances, these 'nasties' are commonly found in mainstream skincare products and have been linked to various health concerns.


Parabens, for instance, are widely used as preservatives in cosmetics but have been associated with disrupting hormone function and potentially increasing the risk of breast cancer. Phthalates, found in fragrances and plastics, have been linked to reproductive issues and developmental abnormalities. Sulphates, often used as foaming agents, can strip the skin of its natural oils and lead to irritation and dryness. 

One of the main benefits of additives is to give the product a longer shelf life, but here at Active Silver, we make all of our products in small batches and send them directly to our customers, so there's no need for us to make products that last for years and years.


And it's not just the safety we should be considering. How about thinking about animals? Many people don't know just how many of their bathroom cabinet favourites have been tested on animals. And even if the products you're using state that they don't test on animals, it doesn't necessarily mean that they don't contain them. At Active Silver, we're PETA Certified as a Vegan and Cruelty-free brand, because we just don't believe it's necessary to involve animals in our skincare regime!


We believe that skincare should be simple, safe, and effective. That's why, when you choose our products, you can trust that you're nourishing your skin with ingredients derived from nature. We never add anything that isn't there for a beneficial reason.

Our commitment to natural skincare goes beyond just avoiding synthetic ingredients. We carefully select each ingredient for its efficacy and safety, ensuring that our products deliver real results without compromising your health. From soothing botanical extracts to nourishing plant oils, every ingredient in our formulations serves a purpose, providing your skin with the nutrients it needs to thrive.


But don't just take our word for it. With thousands of satisfied customers choosing Active Silver for their skincare needs, it's clear that our approach resonates with those seeking a safer, more natural alternative, which is kinder to animals. Our customers trust us to provide them with products that not only enhance their skin's appearance but also support their overall wellbeing. You can read our Trustpilot reviews here.

So the next time you're shopping for skincare products, take a moment to read the labels and understand what you're putting on your skin. Choose Active Silver for skincare you can feel good about. Take a look at our collection here.