Colloidal Silver Benefits for Hair

Colloidal Silver Benefits for Hair

Having nice, strong and healthy hair is something that everybody desires but the harsh reality is that many don't achieve this.

The beauty industry has a wide range of products that claim to support hair health but is the use of colloidal silver a good alternative?

Alopecia is very problematic for some and can really knock people's confidence.

Scientific studies have not been carried out on the effect colloidal silver can have in the fight against hair loss as far as we know.

However, there are many accounts of people using colloidal silver with success when tackling problems to do with their hair and scalp.

People have stated that by applying colloidal silver to bald patches on their head, they have seen a vast improvement.

There are also reports that hair began to grow back in affected areas. It is also mentioned that colloidal silver users have seen an improvement within a period of just 2 weeks.      

Many people talk about colloidal silver not only promoting hair growth but also relieving the scalp of dandruff. People have also mentioned that they have a really healthy shine to their hair after using colloidal silver.

With colloidal silver's anti-microbial properties, using a CS solution may relieve itching of the scalp.  

Another benefit of using colloidal silver is the fact that is it alcohol-free, this will prevent the scalp from drying out.

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