Colloidal Silver as a Throat Spray?

Colloidal Silver as a Throat Spray?

Are you looking for a natural alternative to fight your cold? Studies have shown that colloidal silver may kill viruses. Colloidal silver is a colorless, tasteless solution known to have powerful antibacterial and antibiotic properties.


Colloidal Silver as a Throat Spray?

Colloidal silver is used as an alternative medicine by many that's made by electrically combining silver with distilled water. The result is a solution made up of silver nanoparticles.

People are known to use colloidal silver as a natural throat spray. It may fight against strep throat bacteria. People looking for ways to keep their kids healthy without resorting to pharmaceuticals may be tempted to try this approach.

Colloidal silver is known to aid the immune system without disrupting your body's pH balance or hurting healthy cells.


Colloidal silver may act as a natural antibiotic against 650 strains of pathogenic bacteria, including pneumococcus, streptococcus, and staphylococcus. Colloidal silver may also be effective against more than 650 viral strains, fungi and protozoa, such as giardia.

In the absence of side effects, some people use colloidal silver as the first line of defense against infection. It is known to be safe to use on infants, pregnant women, and those who have undergone surgery or taken drugs that suppress the immune system.

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Silver has been widely used as a natural treatment throughout history, as far back as Ancient Greece where they used a silver coin in a barrel of water to keep it fresh and to stop bacteria growing.

It was very commonly used until the introduction of antibiotics c.1938, and is used by many many people today to help heal damaged skin and to fight infection.

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