Can Colloidal Silver help with ear Infections?

Can Colloidal Silver help with ear Infections?

Ear infections can cause major discomfort. When you have an ear problem you really do know about it.

Can colloidal silver help with an ear infection? Let's take a look at some of the potential benefits...

The Infection

Ear infections can be very serious and if left untreated can actually lead to hearing loss.

If you were to go down the conventional route of doctor's visits and antibiotics when dealing with an ear infection, you could be in for liver damage, surgery and maybe even anaesthesia depending on the severity of the infection.

Some doctors may choose to send you away without a prescription to allow your immune system to fight the infection naturally.

This may not be something that you are in favour of as you probably don't want to risk your hearing.


For those that want to take the drug-free approach, the option of using colloidal silver may be considered.

This may be a cheaper and safer method of fighting the ailment. Some people are known to have beaten infection overnight with just a few drops of colloidal silver.

About Colloidal Silver

What is colloidal silver? Well, colloidal silver is a liquid solution made from water and particles of suspended pure silver.

Colloidal silver is thought to be effective at removing the oxygen supply to bacteria whilst not affecting healthy cells.

This is thought to then prevent or remove the threat of further infection.  


People have been known to place 2 or 3 drops of colloidal silver into the ear canal of the infected ear.

As a preventative measure, some add colloidal silver to both ears due to the threat of the infection spreading. Having an infection in both ears is common.

People have also mentioned that they have held the colloidal silver in the ear for up to 15 minutes to maximise the benefits.

After holding the colloidal silver in the ear, the solution is then allowed to drain out.

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