Can Colloidal Silver be Used on the Face?

Can Colloidal Silver be Used on the Face?

There are multiple ailments that can occur relating to the face.

Many of them are bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Considering that colloidal silver is known for its antimicrobial properties, can colloidal silver help?

Well, Active Silver have created products specifically designed for topical use that have been known to help with skin issues.

There’s a moisturiser called ‘GLOW’, a very versatile gel called ‘Magic Gel’ as well as ‘Magic Lip Balm’ and ‘Magic Hand Cream’.

There’s also 'Hit the Spot' aimed at helping with acne.

Here are some reviews relating to Active Silver products...

“Fantastic easily absorbed gel cooking and healing would highly recommend.” Daniel G

“I like to try new things usually they don’t work but this is brilliant I had a stubborn spot on my face I put this on before going to bed. I was amazed all the redness had gone and within a few days the spot had gone normally it would take weeks for a spot to clear up not with this day’s. I would highly recommend colloidal silver magic gel.” Kathleen U

“This stuff is awesome I used it on my bad face acne I've had all my life n what a transformation in less than a week only using a tiny amount thank you so much for this amazing gel.” Beverly M

“Only need a small amount to make your skin feel wonderful, smooth and cool.” Cathy A

“I’m so glad that I came across an ad for this product. It’s a lifesaver for my parched, ageing skin and since using it, my skin has improved beyond words. I’ll be recommending it to my family and friends!” Catherine H

“Was a bit sceptical in trying this as have always used hypo allergenic face cream but have found it great and will certainly use this from now on.” Pauline A