5 Home uses of Colloidal Silver

5 Home uses of Colloidal Silver

With its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, colloidal silver is often used to control the growth of bacteria and fungus around the house.

If you're not sure of how this can be used, here are a few of the ways that it may be used around the home.

1. Cleaning Bins
Many people use a solution with colloidal silver to sanitise their bins. This will not only prevent decaying problems but can also inhibit mold growth and keep these receptacles clean and sanitary.

2. Sanitise Cleaning Materials

Sponges and toilet brushes etc... may become contaminated over time. It may be a good idea to sanitise these items occasionally. A colloidal silver solution may be used to sanitise these cleaning materials.

3. Sanitising Surfaces

With people paying close attention to the surfaces that are touched regularly, it's difficult to know how to keep these surfaces clean. You may use a colloidal silver solution in order to clean doorknobs, wipe down remotes, phones, and any surface which is touched often.

4. Sanitise Food Surfaces

Cutting boards, kitchen counters, and other food surfaces can be breeding grounds for E. coli and salmonella bacteria.

It is known that as an anti-bacterial solution, some people use a colloidal silver solution to clean after dealing with raw meats.

5. Cleaning Bedding

Laundry, bedding, and kitchen towels can develop mold and bacteria, especially after repeated use.

Washing them with a cup of colloidal silver may be effective at killing this bacteria.

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