Certified Water

When manufacturing our Colloidal Silver, we use the highest grade European Pharmaceutical purified water available. This water conforms to: European Pharmacopoeia (EP) British Pharmacopoeia (BP) Health technical memorandums HTM 20-30/HTM 01-05 British Standard BS-EN 13060, and is also used in organisations from Dental Practices to Blue Chip organisations and laboratories.

The process used to purify the European Pharmaceautical Grade Water is as follows: Common tap water is firstly passed through a softening process, contaminants and organic material are then removed using reverse osmosis. The water is then passed through a twin bed deioniser which removes the cat ions and the an ions, by now the water is typically < 1ms/cm In the final stages of purification a .2 micron filter will remove any remaining bacteria and UV treatment removes any remaining traces if micro organisms.

Each batch is independently tested and certificated by a leading third party UKAS accredited, GMP licensed analytical testing laboratory as well as being strictly monitored onsite. Click here for a recent water test certificate