What is Colloidal Silver used For?

What is Colloidal Silver used For?


In a time before antibiotics as we know them, colloidal silver was used in an attempt to fight all sorts of ailments.

In ancient civilisations, the Greeks, Italians and Egyptians, used silver as it was thought to aid in developing a strong immune system.

During this time a discovery was made that pointed to colloidal silver having strong anti-microbial properties.

Water, vinegar and wine were often stored by the Phoenicians in bottles made of silver to prevent the liquids from spoiling.


The “father of medicine” Hippocrates, spoke very highly of silver, making reference to the potential benefits.

Hippocrates wrote about the disease-fighting properties and the ability for silver to aid in the healing process when it came to wounds and skin tissue damage.

Born with a silver spoon...

Silver spoons look pretty and weren't only given as gifts by the wealthy for their charm but also for the potential antibiotic properties of the precious metal.

More modern times

Fast-forwarding into more modern times, silver had its place as an antimicrobial option before the existence of what we know today as antibiotics.

In this period of history, there weren't many antimicrobial options at all...

Going into the 1800s, the use of silver in a nitrate form was being used to aid in the healing process of skin-related ailments. In the mid-1800s a powerful discovery was made.

Silver wire used as sutures and actually aided in the healing process when somebody suffered from a wound.


During the American civil war silver coins were placed into barrels of water to fight against bacteria and to prevent the water from spoiling.

Also during this period of history, silver was used to try and prevent eye infections in newborn babies.

The Birth of Colloidal Silver

An important point in the timeline of colloidal silver use is the 1890's. Colloidal silver was discovered...

Going into the 1930s colloidal silver had really been established as a go-to by physicians, using it to boost immune systems and to aid healing.

World War One saw the use of colloidal silver are a broad scale but due to the advancements of the use of antibiotics colloidal silver began to be used less and less in the medical field.


The Johnson Space Center in the mid-60s dispensed silver ions into water used for drinking on the Apollo spacecraft. This was done to kill bacteria in the water.

At the International Space Station NASA then approved water purification using silver in 2015.

A resurgence

The use of colloidal silver has once again gathered momentum in recent times.

Some use colloidal silver as it is thought to have antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral and anti-microbial properties.

Colloidal silver is known to be used orally and topically and many report benefits from doing so.


Lab studies have shown that there may be some truth to claims of positive health effects following the use of colloidal silver.

As recent as 2018 in Iran, a study concluded that applying colloidal silver topically using nanoparticles, reduced inflammation and aided in the healing process.

This study suggests that colloidal silver has its place as a skin-healing product when used topically.

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