How A Spoonful of Silver Can Keep Our Pets Healthy and Saves Money on Vets Bills.

How A Spoonful of Silver Can Keep Our Pets Healthy and Saves Money on Vets Bills.

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As a nation, we most certainly love our pets – in fact they are now well and truly repositioned from loyal companion to fully fledged family member - with an explosion of companies focusing on every need and indulgence of our loved one!

But it’s not only special diet food and dog pooch parlours we spend our money on.  When it comes to our monthly outgoings, it’s fair to say that more often than not a trip to the vet and associated medicines or treatments are a regular expense!

The Facts
In fact, latest figures from PDSA (The People’s Dispensary of Sick Animals) show that the minimum lifetime cost of pet ownership is estimated to be approximately £6,500 depending on the size of the pet.  With such high bills, combined with vets being able to set their own fees, prices are only set to rise as our demand and focus on pet health increases.  But there is another approach and it focuses on a growing trend of prevention when it comes to animal care.

Active Silver manufacture Colloidal Silver of the highest quality, and the products can be used as very effective antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and skin healing solutions.  As it only attacks the bad bacteria, not touching the good bacteria needed for animals to function effectively, an animal CAN’T build up resistance to it - which is so often the case with modern day antibiotics.

What our customers say
Alex Mengham, a pet owner can empathise with this, said “We have had many years of very expensive vets bills for our dog Cooper - the last one was £650! Who knew something so reasonably priced and natural would make such a difference. It’s been very effective on many of his health complaints.  For example, we’ve noticed it worked brilliantly on a particularly stubborn ear infection.  We put it in his food and he loves it, and now won’t eat without it!”

Using silver for medicinal purposes is by no means new – in the early 20th Century, physicians used silver in eyedrops to treat ophthalmic problems, in dressings for various infections and sometimes internally for diseases as well as the common cold and skin complaints.  In today’s world, silver still has the same healing properties, but at Active Silver the innovative and world class technology used to make the products, ensures that the silver particles can be really small.  This makes the colloidal silver an even more effective treatment to kill bacteria or a nasty infection, heal a wound or simply build up a healthy immune system in animals.

One of our regular Customers, Zoe Eylek, enthused, “What I love about the Active Silver products is that they are completely natural and you can’t overdose on them!  They are also considerably cheaper than the vets’ bills.  My cat Raisin’s skin condition cannot be cured so going to the vet at every flare up is fruitless.  I feel much happier now I can self-treat him and feel confident with Active Silver, knowing that my other cat, Rum, should continue to be symptom free with his daily dose of Active Silver.”

“Since launching our products into the animal market we have been blown away by it’s success” said Lucy Roberts, Co-Founder of Active Silver.  “With over half of the population now owning a pet, having a good value and effective product that can be kept in the kitchen cupboard and used daily, can really make an impact on the quality of life for pets and is giving great comfort to our customers.  And we love playing a part in keeping the UK a pet loving country.”

Colloidal silver has to be one of the most versatile natural immune system boosters - so before you call the vet and dig deep into your bank accounts, consider trying Active Silver - this powerful alternative to antibiotics.


How to use Active Silver for your pets.

There are many reasons for your pets to use Active silver and below are the best ways to showcase the power of the product:

Give it orally to your pet via a syringe or put it into their food.Since colloidal silver is an all-around pathogen fighter, it’s a great one to keep in your medicine cabinet for any disease – whether it’s bacterial, fungal (yeast!) or viral in nature (it can even be used to help treat parvovirus). Plus, it can be used as a preventative when exposure to sick people or animals is unavoidable, and as a regular household cleaner to disinfect surfaces and areas.

Colloidal silver can be turned into mist with a nebulizer and used to treat respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia.
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Put directly onto skin or onto a bandage. The Magic Gel is best for this.Colloidal silver can also be used topically for skin infections like ringworm, wounds and burns. It is soothing and repairs skin damage. Active Silver’s Magic Gel contains Colloidal Silver and Aloe Vera making it brilliant at healing all layers of the skin too.
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Ears & Eyes
For animals suffering from ear and eye infections, colloidal silver might offer some relief. The liquid can be dropped directly into the ears and eyes (without stinging) to help fight off bacteria and yeast infections, allergies, inflammation and tear staining. Or use the magic gel for the skin around these areas.
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