Colloidal Silver Mouth Wash

Colloidal Silver Mouthwash

Having optimal oral hygiene is important to us all because if it is neglected a whole host of health problems may arise.

The body has natural defences against the bacteria that can build up in the mouth but sometimes these levels of bacteria can’t be kept under control.

When this happens, bacterial infections occur.

Can colloidal silver help with oral hygiene?

One of the many known benefits of colloidal silver is its antibacterial properties.

Colloidal silver is known to limit or inhibit bacterial replication.

The solution is also known to aid with the healing process which would be beneficial to those suffering from tissue damage as a result of an infection.

So how can colloidal silver be used? Many people have reported success using colloidal silver as a mouthwash swilling the solution around the mouth.


Here are some success stories from Active Silver customers who have had issues with their mouths...

“I developed a sensitivity in a tooth that the dentist could not diagnose, I can now chew on that side again (carefully), and the gums are much better” Petra R

"I am very pleased with my Active Silver items, and I have just placed another order. I have been using the liquid as directed and I am having really good results so far from the discomfort of my very sore tongue which I had suffered from for 6 months.” Carol N

"Yearly dental check-ups for myself and husband. Due to Covid-19 cleaning had to be done manually. End result for us both was very sensitive gums. Husband turned to pain killers whereas I massaged the Active Silver Gel into the gums and rinsed later with the Active Silver Spray. After a day of doing this at regular intervals my gums have settled down a treat. Active Silver saved the day, but hopefully the dentist will be back to normal next year.” MD

""I had an ulcer in my lower gum, so I took a mouthful of Active Silver’s Colloidal Silver and held it in my mouth over the ulcer area for about 30 seconds. It really takes the sting out of it.I did the same thing the next day and the next day, and each time it was definitely better. By the fourth day it was gone and there was no pain at all.I have suffered all my life, as did my mother, and I’m so happy to have found something that actually works!” Maggie G

"I have been very pleased with the results of Magic Gel and the Advanced Colloidal Silver. I am pleased to say that my mouth ulcers, which have been the pain of my life, have cleared up and I have not had one for two weeks now.” Patricia B

"I found great benefit when I had an infected root canal. I held the liquid in my mouth over the infected tooth and then used it as a mouth wash. I have maintained the tooth for many years doing this when the tooth was painful” Beth

"I never travel anywhere without this. It's an indispensable part of my 'medicine kit' - actually the most important part. I also use it every night: after brushing my teeth I swish a teaspoon amount of silver around my mouth for 6 mins, then spit out. It has saved my gums. My gums were receding quite badly a couple of years ago, and my dentist at the time told me I'd probably need an operation. 2 months later, after 2 months of swishing it around my mouth each night, my gums totally repaired. No more receding gums. Amazing” Susan