Colloidal Silver for Horses

Colloidal Silver for Horses


Having a horse can be an incredibly rewarding experience but it comes with its challenges.

When looking after any animal, their well fair is always a concern.

Like all very active animals, injury can occur. When the inevitable happens, infection is always a threat and can have very unpleasant outcomes for horses.

Can Colloidal Silver Help?

Colloidal Silver is known for its antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Colloidal Silver is created by nanoparticles of silver being suspended in water. The huge advantage of this process is that sediment does not form in the bottle.

With the particles being so lightweight, they float in the solution allowing for even distribution when used.

Colloidal Silver Gel

Many Active Silver customers have seen success using Colloidal Silver Magic Gel on their pets.

Due to the solution being a gel, it’s perfect for topical application of colloidal silver.

Studies have shown that topical application of silver may have benefits. Silver is used in the medical industry to dress wounds further validating its effectiveness.


Active Silver customers have seen positive results especially when it comes to horses:

"The fantastic news is that the wound which had seemingly reached a plateau in healing started to improve (albeit it slowly) with Active Silver’s products and magic gel. The unsightly raised lump of coronet band that had separated from the hoof, finally fell off – so not only is the wound almost completely healed, but aesthetically the foot will look normal (which we didn’t think it ever would).The vet visited and was amazed – she didn’t ever think it would look this good and that the wound healing is much better than she expected as a result of using your products.There is no doubt that the combination of your silver products and our very careful and patient management (she has been stabled since November) has enabled the wound to heal.Billy is now signed off with the vet and we are going to turn her out later this week when the ground has dried a bit."

Sue R-S

"Billy (the horse) sustained a rather nasty wound to the coronet band of a hind foot. This is a particularly tricky region to get good quality healing to occur in. After several weeks of wound care, including Manuka honey the wound was healing, however there was a large area of defect and what I presumed would be permanent scar tissue.At this point we used the colloidal silver dressings and quite quickly the wound contracted significantly. Then within a short space of time the superficial tissue sloughed off to reveal a small area of healthy tissue with minimal scarring.I would definitely consider using Active Silver products in future wound management."


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