Colloidal Gold for Skincare

Colloidal Gold for Skincare

If you are health conscious you’ve probably heard of colloidal silver but what about colloidal gold?

What are the benefits of colloidal gold especially relating to skincare?

Gold and its use in the skincare world is gathering momentum and awareness is growing by the day.

Why is it becoming so popular?

Well, colloidal gold is known to protect against cellular aging and may slow down stress and damage to cells.

Colloidal gold may also offer protection to the skin and this may lead to the prevention of premature aging.

What is colloidal gold?

Much the same as colloidal silver, colloidal gold is nanoparticles of gold that are suspended in water.

Active Gold is prepared using 23/24 carat gold and is suspended in European pharmaceutical-grade water. Active Gold is manufactured at 20-30ppm.

Active Gold is a red liquid and should be kept in a cool dark place.

Let’s talk a little bit about the history...

The first sign of colloidal gold came about when English chemist Michael Faraday prepared what he called “activated gold” in 1857.

For hundreds of years now, colloidal gold is known to have many health benefits largely due to its ability to support the immune system.

It was eventually discovered that colloidal gold may help with blood flow and this is where the link to skin benefits comes in.

Improvements in blood flow delivers more oxygen to the cells, therefore, encouraging new growth and better general health of the cells. Imagine the possibilities for increasing the overall health of skin cells?

When skin cells are healthy, the ability to absorb nutrients is heightened making skin glow!

Talking about glowing, Active Silver has a moisturiser called ‘GLOW’ that repairs, rejuvenates, nourishes and hydrates.

GLOW contains silver and gold particles that offer potential health benefits for the skin and also reflect light giving you a lovely ‘GLOW’.

Check out GLOW here...

Here are some customer reviews of Active Gold:

“Just wanted to say I’m loving the Active Colloidal Gold. Stopped taking it for a bit as forgot to order any and really noticed the difference to my overall well-being, anxiety and sleep! So back on it and started the Active Silver too! Gave 4 clients the details of your website this week so hopefully they will buy too and my brother who suffers from ulcers in his mouth when he gets stressed is also going to start using the silver as having read testimonials on your website, I’m sure it will help him. Such great products, they really are!” - Alex M

"After doing some research I decided to get some colloidal gold for my husband who is diagnosed with FND, non epileptic seizures, anxiety, ADHD. After two days we could see the difference, his mood improved dramatically, his seizures stopped, his pain was minimum and he said his brain felt so much more clear.

We are currently weening him off his medication too which we believe is causing more harm than good. After the bottle ran out within 2 days symptoms started again all be it not as dramatically as before!! We are going to bulk order and also get my son with adhd to start taking it. This is a game changer for us." - Zoe P

Also here are some reviews of Active Glow:

"Omg! The GLOW is amazing! I used it for the first time today, and two people said how glowing my skin is and one person thought I looked pregnant as my skin is so radiant. I love it!" Lucy H

"Active GLOW ingredients are fab, I love that it's so natural and it smells so lovely - my skin just soaks it all up, it's the best product I've used in a long long time, thank you!" Jo H