We have a range of skin products to help repair and soothe skin.
Magic Gel - 
These photos are from 3 and 6 weeks after abdominal surgery, using the Magic Gel to help heal the wound.
Scar results from Magic Gel
"Amazing product, the magic gel healed my new tattoo in a week!" Michelle E
"I had a really bad raging red mark in right side of my neck been to see Dr several times steroids and creams to no avail used your cream and it is 90% better than it was a wonderful product." CM
Magic Gel healed scar beautifully. "I bought the magic gel after having an operation which left a large scar. The gel soothed the pain and reduced the swelling. Absolutely brilliant product that I can not recommend enough." Alison H

Active Silver helped heal my basal cell skin cancer. "On 7th December 2023 my local dermatology department I visited had diagnosed me with a rapid growth facial basal cell cancer lesion to be cut out. After which I decided I’d first use Active Silver Magic Gel and then Active Silver Colloidal Silver Spray 2/3 times daily for 28 days. First few days I covered the lump with the gel and the lump began flaking off. It has now disappeared after I followed it up with the Active Silver Colloidal Spray leaving nothing now for the dermatology department to cut out. I’ve in the past used colloidal silver sprays for years to promote rapid healing on minor burns and skin complaints." - Robin