Animal Skin

The best products to help rapidly improve skin irritations and wounds are Magic Gel Spray and Skin Cleanse. Both can be worked into the skin and are non-sticky so no issue with fur/hair. Use 4-6 times a day until you see improvements, can be use as a preventative too.

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Animal Care Magic Gel - "Used it to heal an abrasion on the tip of my pointers ear. worked well in conjunction with an ear wrap to stop him shaking his head. Took just over 2 weeks to heal." Tony D.
Animal Care Magic Gel - "I used this on my cat and dog and have used it on my son too who had a nasty cut on his head! He healed in no time as do my animals if they have small scratches!" Amanda C.
Animal Care Magic Gel - "This is great I've been paying a fortune at the vets for my cat. Now they are great they don't swell split or bleed. It is definitely magic."  Ann H.
Magic Gel - "Did get rid of kitten's ringworms applying it twice a day for about three weeks. Not cheap but well worth the money." Anon
"I have been using the gel on my cats paw that has the pillow pads. She had the injection that cost 75 pounds at the vet but it didn't seem to work this time. The gel seems to calm it down for her." Ann H
"Absolutely amazing. We used this on a very bad sore on our dogs paw, nothing from the vet touched it. We used this following a recommendation from a friend and it has healed up within 7 days! Amazing." Sharan M
"I used the spray on my itchy dog. I do not like using the flea drops because they poison our environment and I believe they just make the fleas stronger, they certainly seem much worse these days. So she gets fleas that I pick out but the bites are itchy. The Active Silver comforts her skin and is safe.
The company are very efficient to order from, the people are very nice. They contribute to planting trees from their profits.
I highly recommend people try their products as a safe alternative to the more harmful remedies one may get prescribed." Chris
"I have a dog with very sensitive skin and she struggles with allergies. I have found all the Active Silver products I have used on her effective, wouldn’t want to be without Magic gel, it soothes her skin really well when she has any breakouts. Worth investing in." Pauline A