This amazing product that keeps us ‘safe’ in so many ways

Following an incredibly severe reaction to the MMR injection, my daughter increased my Grandson’s intake of Active Silver, which he had been taking each morning following our meeting with Active Silver at Olympia earlier this year.

The multiple, adverse reactions to the injection were so intense that we sought help from a Homeopath to try to lessen the potential long-term damage to my Grandson’s health and well being.

During the initial, detailed consultation we were amazed to learn that taking the Active Colloidal Silver had most likely been the only thing that saved him from tipping into Autism Spectrum Disorder, which can happen after such reactions to the injection.

Along with regular Homeopathic treatment and daily Active Silver, he is improving and I cannot thank Lucy and Mr Goodall enough for bringing into our lives, this amazing product that keeps us “safe” in so many ways.