I cannot even locate where the scars once were

For many years I have suffered from facial pre-cancer skin and endured extremely painful treatment with liquid nitrogen.

The actual pre-cancerous signs start with a small red sore. This might start bleeding which then turns into a scab. When that crumbles the skin again bleeds and is followed again by the crusting. This is a continuous process and usually does not just disappear.

The treatment is ghastly as the physician approaches the patient with a large steel canister filled with the nitrogen. It was especially frightening when the site was just beneath the eyebrow!

The worst of it was the knowledge you had to keep having such treatment. It is now called CRYOTHERAPY. It’s a very apt name! You are left with tears running down your face from the sheer intense burning it creates. This lasts for about 25 minutes.

There is now an alternative treatment with ACTIVE COLLOIDAL SILVER. I know this works as I have tried it with great success. It stops the process of bleeding then crusting over and over again.

My skin is now smooth, there is no more bleeding which created the crusting. I cannot even locate where the scars once were.

Also, yesterday I had toothache! I reached for my active colloidal silver and sipped it; kept it around the tooth for 5 minutes. Then swallowed it. Amazingly the pain has now stopped as I write this.
In the space of two weeks, active silver has dealt successfully with bad burns on my hand from an oil lamp, leaving no scars; my pre-cancerous scars on the face have disappeared and my toothache has abated!

If anybody knows of anything else so near to a miracle, I would like the name of it! There is nothing comparable on the market.