Healing quicker than normal

I’m writing to let you know what a success Active Silver has been for me.

It’s now three weeks since I first started using your product. As I mentioned below, I have suffered from recurring mouth ulcers for the past seven years. I usually have one or two every week and, more often than not, I have two at the same time. They can occur anywhere in my mouth, including various places on and under my tongue and lips.

However, since using Active Silver, I’ve only had one new ulcer in three weeks! So I’m over the moon about that!!! I had two ulcers when I first started using the product and I noticed that they healed much quicker than usual – a few days as opposed to 10 days or more. Only one has occurred since and that is also healing quicker than normal.

I’m so glad that I read about your product in the Daily Mail and just wanted to ask you one question, please. I’m going on holiday in January and will be taking Active Silver with me, of course!!

Thank you again for enabling me to have a better quality of life by reducing drastically the number of recurring mouth ulcers since using Active Silver