Active Silver has become part of my daily health routine

I am generally interested in alternative healing, especially based on historic experience, with emphasis on easy-to-obtain and single ingredients – plant-based, frankincense, linseed oil etc. I stay away from pharmaceutical medicine as much as possible. When I looked for ways to heal an old virus infection, I got particularly interested in colloidal silver for two reasons: 1) positive reviews from users, 2) massive opposition from “official” institutions – reminded me of how simple remedies like homeopathy get bad press with suspected support from the pharmaceutical industry.
I asked my kinesiologist about colloidal silver, and it tested to be of use. The source he recommended was U.S.-based, rather expensive, and had little practical information on how to apply it, so I had to rely on vague descriptions from users across the Web.
Then I came across Active Silver at the MBS last October. They where very helpful, answered my questions and shared their own experience very patiently despite the huge interest at the stall. I went home with a bag full of their products and their instruction leaflet. Since then, I have done both an intensive cure with the liquid and dedicated treatments.
Results so far:
Cured a high fever in a day and prevented the nasal infection to move to the chest as it used to (in conjunction with herbal teas and a day in bed plus vitamin C)
– I developed a sensitivity in a tooth that the dentist could not diagnose, I can now chew on that side again (carefully), and the gums are much better
– My mother tried it for her paradontitis, and it improved – I had to bring her new stock for my Christmas visit 🙂
My chronical conditiions have since improved slightly, and I have chosen to continue with the intake, even for prevention.
Colloidal silver is not a miracle cure – and I trust Active Silver because they don’t market it as such.
It’s become part of my daily health routine, and I am now starting to use it topically on my face as well.”
Again, thank you very much.