Teeth and Gums

Many customers have used colloidal silver to soothe sore gums.


"My experience of this product is very positive. I had developed a gum abscess on a back tooth with moderate discomfort. A friend suggested Active Silver and advised to keep applying it several times a day on to the gum. On application the discomfort ceased. I booked a dental appointment but kept on with the regime. Every time the discomfort came back I applied the Active Silver which was about four times a day. I saw my dentist and the abscess was gone." Chris
Great benefit "I found great benefit when I had an infected root canal. I held the liquid in my mouth over the infected tooth and then used it as a mouth wash. I have maintained the tooth for many years doing this when the tooth was painful" Beth

Active Silver saved the day "Yearly dental check-ups for myself and husband. Due to Covid-19 cleaning had to be done manually. End result for us both was very sensitive gums. Husband turned to pain killers whereas I massaged the Active Silver Gel into the gums and rinsed later with the Active Silver Spray. After a day of doing this at regular intervals my gums have settled down a treat. Active Silver saved the day, but hopefully the dentist will be back to normal next year." MD

I never travel anywhere without this "I never travel anywhere without this. It's an indispensable part of my 'medicine kit' - actually the most important part. I also use it every night: after brushing my teeth I swish a teaspoon amount of silver around my mouth for 6 mins, then spit out. It has saved my gums. My gums were receding quite badly a couple of years ago, and my dentist at the time told me I'd probably need an operation. 2 months later, after 2 months of swishing it around my mouth each night, my gums totally repaired. No more receding gums. Amazing" Susan