Prickly Heat / Heat Rash

Magic Gel or Magic Gel Spray works wonders – it takes the redness and heat away and soothes the itching.
"Thank you for the colloidal silver goodies I received today.  
The small Magic Gel pots are for two friends to try, as I have recommended this for under-breast red raw and sore sweat rash (I wouldn't be without MGel for this) and also for groin sweat rash (what my husband called jock itch).  We use the gel night and morning now to prevent these horrible issues returning - absolutely brilliant!  I'd had the awful itchy, broken and bleeding skin problem under my breasts for many years on and off - tried all sorts of creams, powders etc suggested by the doctor and nothing would totally clear it.  I always dreaded the hot summer months, but now I have Magic Gel, I don't have to worry and it will be part of my morning and evening routine forever!
Anyway, sorry to ramble, but just wanted to sing the praises of Magic Gel in several ways.  Actually, I love all the different Active Silver products I've purchased and always telling people how great they are." Heather