Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Benefits of colloidal silver

  • Infection - Stop diseases and viruses including  parvovirus

  • Skin - Prevent ringworm and help heal wounds and burns

  • Eyes - Help with allergies, inflammation and tear staining without the stinging

  • Ears - Fight infection from bacteria and yeast

Colloidal Silver Magic Gel
Colloidal Silver
Magic EYE Drops
Magic EAR Drops
Skin Cleanse

We are a 25 year family business

Active Silver is co-founded by Lucy Roberts and her father, Dick Goodall. 

"We manufacture all Active Silver products ourselves, in our own laboratory. We use ultra-pure water, the purest silver available and an advanced electrolysis technique to manufacture the highest quality colloidal silver". 

Dick Goodall

All our products can be used for people, children and all animals. Colloidal Silver is effective against various infections and illnesses, heals skin and wounds, and helps strengthen the immune system.