Colloidal Silver Testimonials

What our customers say about Active Silver

I LOVE my Glow! It totally transforms my dry skin into something gorgeous, plump, smooth and radiant.
This stuff totally does what it says on the tin… and no skin reaction to boot!
Awesome product, thank you so much!

Lisa H

The flu has been going through all our family members, but thankfully I started to use Active Silver prior to Christmas as a preventative, purely because the grandchildren always pass on their germs when we have family gatherings. Out of the six of us I am the only one that has not been bedridden but have felt I have been fighting a head cold and slight throat issues, with sore ears.

Also twice this year I have had bad sore throats whereby normally I would always lose my voice for several days, so I am exceedingly pleased to say that this has not happened this time. Am still taking the precautionary dose. Very happy with Active Silver.

Maxine D

My 20 year son started with Active Silver on a recommendation from a friend. His skin was quite bad and being a medical student he refused the suggestion of antibiotics To be honest, he had tried just about every product out there from Proanthanols to topical products, some that helped a bit but not completely

However, Active Silver has had incredible results – his skin is completely clear now and looking fantastic. He still uses the products on a daily basis as control. My 16 yr old daughter has the occasional breakout and has had the same good results. Who could ask for more!

My son is 20 and has had quite bad skin – we have tried everything. He is a medic and will not even contemplate taking strong antibiotics for a year! However, Active Silver has had incredible results. He has been using Active Silver for 6 weeks now and we saw him on the weekend – skin completely clear I was speechless! He still uses the products on a daily basis as control. My 16 yr old daughter has the occasional breakout and has had the same good results. Who could ask for more! So I would just like to say a huge thank you for your fantastic product and I am now passing it onto anyone I meet!!

Andrea P

On 18th December my right hand caught fire from oil leaking from a porcelain Berger lamp. I was very badly burnt from the flames which set my fingertips alight and surrounding skin around them and my right thumb. It was frightening and extremely painful and quite unexpected.

My order for ACTIVE SILVER along with MAGIC GEL had just arrived. I spread the gel regularly on my burns several times a day. Unbelievably and quite miraculously, on 26 December, where large burns had threatened to leave huge scars, there were NONE!

This GEL is truly magical! Beautifully cool, easy to apply and a true pleasure to use, I have to thank for such a rapid recovery.

I highly recommend to all households, especially those who rely upon such proven products as Vicks and Vaseline to be sure to add ACTIVE SILVER to them.
This is truly a magic and swift healer. I will never be without it. Be prepared for any accidents like burning. Believe me, flames don’t wait about! My Christmas could have been ruined!”

Joy P
I’m writing to let you know what a success Active Silver has been for me.
It’s now three weeks since I first started using your product. I have suffered from recurring mouth ulcers for the past seven years. I usually have one or two every week and, more often than not, I have two at the same time. They can occur anywhere in my mouth, including various places on and under my tongue and lips.
However, since using Active Silver, I’ve only had one new ulcer in three weeks! So I’m over the moon about that!!! I had two ulcers when I first started using the product and I noticed that they healed much quicker than usual – a few days as opposed to 10 days or more. Only one has occurred since and that is also healing quicker than normal.
I’m so glad that I read about your product in the Daily Mail. Thank you again for enabling me to have a better quality of life by reducing drastically the number of recurring mouth ulcers since using Active Silver.
Elizabeth J
“Following an incredibly severe reaction to the MMR injection, my daughter increased my Grandson’s intake of Active Silver, which he had been taking each morning following our meeting with Active Silver at Olympia earlier this year.
The multiple, adverse reactions to the injection were so intense that we sought help from a Homeopath to try to lessen the potential long-term damage to my Grandson’s health and wellbeing.
During the initial, detailed consultation we were amazed to learn that taking the Active Colloidal Silver had most likely been the only thing that saved him from tipping into Autism Spectrum Disorder, which can happen after such reactions to the injection.
Along with regular Homeopathic treatment and daily Active Silver, he is improving and I cannot thank Lucy and Mr Goodall enough for bringing into our lives, this amazing product that keeps us “safe” in so many ways”.

“My 20 year son started with Active Silver on a recommendation from a friend. His skin was quite bad and being a medical student he refused the suggestion of antibiotics. To be honest, he had tried just about every product out there from Proanthanols to topical products, some that helped a bit but not completely.
However, Active Silver has had incredible results – after 6 weeks his skin was completely clear and now looking fantastic. He still uses the products on a daily basis as control. My 16 yr old daughter has the occasional breakout and has had the same good results. Who could ask for more!”

Mrs P

“Thank you so much for creating the GLOW cream. I used it last night and I’m delighted with the results, my skin feels really hydrated

Helen S

“I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your ‘Hit The Spot‘ Active Silver Cream!
I have tried multiple creams for my spots and they just didn’t seem to go away! I tried the ‘Hit The Spot’ cream last night and it worked wonders


“I came to see you at your stand at the Yoga show in London last weekend and was very interested in trying your products. I ended up going away with a Hit the Spot Cream. I’ve used it every night since and even a couple of days where I’ve not needed makeup and it has made such a different to my skin in just a week. I’ve just placed an order for the full acne pack, set of spray, gel and cream too. Can’t wait to try it all together! Keep up the good work”

Lauren R

“Having suffered from eczema since birth, my 13 year old daughter began ingesting Active Silver on a daily basis and we saw a remarkable improvement within just a few weeks. However, as with all teenagers, she lapsed in taking it and so the eczema did return. But as soon as she began regularly drinking it again, the improvement was astonishing! It definitely works…and my daughter will not be forgetting to take it again!”

Alison O

‘I just wanted to say how impressed I am by the Active Silver. I noticed a bit of athletes foot between 2 toes. I sprayed the Active Silver on a cotton wool pad and put it between the toes. By the next morning it had completely gone! Amazing!’

Vicky M

“Hello Silver People
Wonderful stuff …. I’ve suffered with patches of skin on my face that alternate from dry and flaky to wet and sore for ever and I’ve tried many different products which just seem to aggravate and make the patches even more sore or over load and create spots but I’ve been using a combination of your spot treatment and the magic gel and it is all improving beautifully.
Many many thanks” 

Chris C

“Dear Active Silver
I’ve started using Active Silver since September this year. I have been struggling with an infection caused by clogged milk ducts which truly made my life hell day in and out.

Since I have started using Active Silver and went back to my Doctor he took an sample which came back negative no bacteria at all. My whole life has been turned around I have gone from an irritated moody person to the happiest person because I am no longer tired everyday.

It really does work and I will continue using it since I’m tired of antibiotics which I have been taking for a year without any good results.  Thank you so much for this product”.

Leilanie G

“I just wanted to let you know that the active silver gel has been completely amazing on my 5 month olds very raw sore bottom (following a stomach virus). I did nappy free and active silver for 2 days and it’s healed so well. We’re not out of the woods yet but I’m still applying, even with a nappy. Thought you’d like to know. Need to order more soon please!”

Catherine M-G

“I LOVE your Gel, my friend gave me some ages ago, my son uses it on his spots and for his ear piercing that went a bit yukky and we use it for cuts lots of things its awesome! I’ve just ordered some active silver liquid as my daughter has a nasty nasty cold”

Emma T

I’ve just ordered some more silver spray and gel. I used it loads on holiday with mosquito bites, prickly heat etc.

I’ve also found it great for tonsillitis – one daughter hasn’t had it since using the silver spray, and the other usually get’s it every 3-4 months, but she hasn’t had it for 7 months this time! Any sign of a sore throat or feeling run down I’ve given her a spray of silver into the back of her mouth/throat.

In fact, I used it yesterday for my daughter as she had white pus on red tonsils. Used alongside homeopathic medicine but all gone today .
I have recommended it loads recently to other people. It’s brilliant. Thank you.

Claire F

Having met you and your lovely father, I came away with two tiny pots of magic, and you couldn’t have been more right!

I started with the acne paste, and I was seeing some results after several days. Then I started to use the colloidal gel, and I haven’t looked back. My skin is starting to heal, without the rest of the surrounding skin reacting to the product, so I am not enduring the nasty red dry patches of skin that made it look worse whilst healing! I am, for the first time in my life starting to see a result, without everyone else knowing about it!

For the first time since I was a child I am beginning to like the look of my skin…it is a great feeling! With my very best wishes to you and your father!

DR, Thatcham

My brother in law has Chalazioins which looks like sty’s in his eyes. I gave him the Active Silver solution straight away and he has been dropping it into his eyes regularly.

It has made the most incredible difference!

He has been having this problem on and off for a year. His eyes were so sore and they are looking so much better now!

Thank you so much for your wonder product. He is so happy as he has been really struggling with this!

Rebecca S

For some years I have suffered with extreme genital psoriasis (linked to Fibromyalgia), which can at times be extremely debilitating, and has been at its worst this year! I thought I would try a few dabs of the gel to see if it would give me some relief, and I am happy to say that it has given me masses of relief, and I can’t wait for my 30 ml pot to arrive, as I have almost run out of the first little pot!

I cannot begin to thank you for the change in my life, and I am so thrilled that you don’t price your product to such exorbitant amounts, that it is unattainable to most people. I have spent a fortune over the years, and where your product was so reasonably priced, I didn’t hold out much hope, but I am delighted to say that attitude changed in a very, very short space of time!

I am truly delighted!


Active silver has helped my husband Lee. Last June he went into anaphylactic shock (unsure to this day despite numerous tests why), whilst in A&E Lee was unfortunate enough to catch a super bug, and has been very ill since. He would get terrible abscess’ on his body, causing him tremendous pain.

After meeting you at the “it’s your life” event and chatting through about Active Silver, we thought “what have we got to loose!” After a week of taking Active Silver, he did feel an abscess coming but glad to say due to Active Silver it never came to fruition. It is now a staple in our house and has kept the “super bug” at bay. Continue the good work, and excited to try your new product.

Vikki B

I love my Active Silver Starter Kit – I have been using it a while now and its really cleared up my skin (psoriasis), would definitely recommend – thanks again


I used Active Silver on my son’s eczema. Two sprays and it started to clear up! Amazing! I also used it when I was getting a cold sore and it cleared up instantly!

Tam B

I had a really sore throat before I went on holiday which got worse on the plane. Luckily I had packed my Active Silver!

A few times a day, I sprayed it into the back of my throat and gargled it before swallowing – it took the soreness away instantly and after a few days my sore throat had totally gone!

Totally brilliant! Made my holiday so much more enjoyable!

Ali M

I think Active Silver is a fabulous natural product! I used it recently to treat my Athletes Foot and it went over night! I was very impressed! All I did was soak a cotton pad with Active Silver and taped it to the affected area and left the bandage on over night. My daughter has also used it on blemishes on her face and it’s clearer those up too!

Diana E

It’s AMAZING!! I’ve been taking orally once or twice a day and spraying direct onto my skin to treat eczema/skin reaction on my hand.  It’s soooo much better. No more soreness, redness, stinging or cracked weeping sores to be seen!  I am sold!

Cath F

My daughter had a plaster cast which meant her two little toes rubbed together making her Athletes Foot really flare up. It was so itchy and sore!  I sprayed Active Silver onto it and almost immediately the itching went away and it started to clear up really quickly.

Caroline S

I was amazed at how instantly Active Silver took the sting out of my mouth ulcer.  Every time the ulcer sting came back, I sprayed it again and within 48 hours it had gone. Incredible!

Nick R

As a beauty therapist I have found Active Silver to be really useful.  I’ve used it on a burn I had which took the redness out within a day, and I have loads of clients who use it and think its brilliant for all sorts of skin conditions – I also use it as a disinfectant for products and the kit that I use. Great product.

Sammy A

After using Active Silver for a few days my burn mark is fading! I have moved on from dabbing a little active silver on my eye area to spraying my whole face! It’s doing wonders for my usual winter dry skin condition!

Silvana T

I have been religiously using the colloidal silver and have given it to my mother and sister-in-law and we all now swear by it! It’s amazing – my burn healed up so quickly and colds have barely materialised – miracle stuff! I hope it’s going really well – it’s a fantastic product.

Camilla H

Active Silver has helped boost my immune system and aid my recovery recently after an awful bout of tonsillitis. I have been taking this orally for over a week or so and feeling much better for it.

Charlie H

When I returned home from travelling around the world for 6 months, I came back with the most awful skin I have ever suffered with. It was angry, red, spotty and sore! I was mortified and tried a few different products to try and clear my skin but nothing was helping or giving any relief. Then by chance I heard about Active Silver. Within 2 weeks I saw a difference. I am confident to say it was the only product that made a significant difference to my skin in helping it clear up and rectify itself

Charlotte B

I burnt my finger on the oven which was really sore and a blister started appearing straight away so I put it straight into a cap full of Active Silver. I kept it soaking for 20-30mins and by the morning no evidence of a burn at all – amazing stuff!

Maggie B

Myself and my partner (Matt) have used Active Silver on cuts and grazes and found it really good. It dries them out quickly without stinging. I’m going to start taking it to rid my candida as of tonight and will let you know the results!

Charlie B

Having had pneumonia many years ago, I have since been prone to blocked sinuses, catching colds and any flu bug that was going around. Since taking one teaspoon a day of Colloidal Silver, I never catch colds or flu.  If I don’t take it, my health and sinuses are significantly worse.

Dick G

My son had accidentally slipped onto a cocktail stick and ended up having a splinter on the base of his foot. Although we thought we removed it, a piece was still embedded. He kept limping and walking on the side of his foot and it started to get red and painful.

So after 5 days we went to the doctor who prescribed antibiotics for the infection. Antibiotics was not the solution for me. Luckily I remembered seeing you recently at an event in Reading and talking so passionately about your product so I decided to use it for the first time.

The active gel and the spray were used simultaneously for an effective impact and I couldn’t be happier with the results as it’s worked wonders!

It was used twice in the day with some cotton wool and plaster. Just after 24hrs the infection had almost disappeared and we couldn’t believe our eyes! There was no redness around the wound nor was it tender.

After a further 48hrs, I was able to push the splinter out without my son feeling sore or scared of any pain. Shockingly, the splinter was bigger than we had imagined (1.5cm)!

I was extremely thrilled that a simple procedure could have such amazing and effective results! I was even more relieved that I didn’t have to resort to any use of antibiotics or make another appointment of any sort to have the splinter out at the surgery. The magic gel and spray are truly wonderful and essential products to have at hand.

Since that day I have recommended your professional service to many of my friends and family and they too are overwhelmed with the results! Thank you so much for all your help and support. My son can now walk and run like he did!

I have taken some pictures for you to happily share. Best wishes for you and the future of active silver!

Rina D

Dear Active Silver, I just wanted to let you know how brilliant your product is. My daughter has just come back from a walk…covered head to toe in stinging nettles (she was chasing the dog!), luckily I had your Active Silver bottle to hand and so I quickly sprayed her head to toe and within minutes the pain had disappeared as had most of the spots…phew and thank you!

I have been using Active/Colloidal Silver for many years as I am a practicing Health Kinesiologist. It often tests up (using muscle testing) for clients to use to help clear eczema’s, athletes foot, lingering viruses, fungi infections etc.

I carry it around with me wherever I go, just in case someone gets stung, falls over (I use it instead of savlon), a burn or complains of a sore throat or not feeling well. If anyone has a sore throat I just spray in the mouth a few times and generally it has disappeared by the morning. If not, then I spray a few times the next day or take several teaspoons. For a full on cold or flu I advise people to take several teaspoons throughout the day until it clears. I have also used it for eye infections and sometime just dry eyes  – just spray straight into the eye. I’ve also used this for the cats and dogs and tortoise when there appears to be a bit of an infection and sure enough things quickly clear up. It has also really helped with chicken pox, dandruff, ulcers, cold sores, spots, ear infections, it really is a genius product!

My kids 9 and 8 yrs have never missed a day of school – even when half the year are at home with whatever lurgy is going around, they have always stayed well. My guess is that it is the Active Silver that keeps the bugs away. I start spraying them when I hear there is a bug in town! They actually now say to me…its ok Mum, we can’t get sick as we’ve have A. Silver!

It is so nice to find a brand that gives advice about the Active Silver product as it can be hard to find information or guidance about how it works and how best to use it.  As a Health Kinesiologist, I can muscle test to give clear guidance on the best dosage, however I am very relaxed about using it as I think it is pretty impossible to overdose. I tell clients to follow what feels good/their intuition. I believe that all the top hospitals now use it to line  their plasters and bandages to keep infections away; to me is also works like a natural antibiotic.

Thank you for a wonderful product! Love from a very grateful customer,  Debs D
Debs D