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What our customers say about Active Silver

Two days ago my dressage horse came in with a massively swollen eye (from fly bites) – normally I really struggle to treat him as he won’t let me wash his eye out with salt water – just clams it shut!

So I tried spraying colloidal silver into it and although he didn’t love it, he let me and it was clear by the end of the day! I was amazed.

It’s so hard to treat eye problems in horses and they are very common at this time of year! Thank you Active Silver.


Billy the horse, sustained a rather nasty wound to the coronet band of a hind foot. This is a particularly tricky region to get good quality healing to occur in. After several weeks of wound care, including Manuka honey the wound was healing, however there was a large area of defect and what I presumed would be permanent scar tissue.

At this point we used the colloidal silver dressings and quite quickly the wound contracted significantly. Then within a short space of time the superficial tissue sloughed off to reveal a small area of healthy tissue with minimal scarring.

I would definitely consider using Active Silver products in future wound management.

Elise Paterson BVMS MRCVS CertAVP EDO

I decided to try Active Silver as both of my cats Rum and Raisin have a hereditary skin complaint called Eosinophilic Granuloma complex which leads to inflamed, ulcerated skin lesions. Raisin is the cat who suffers the most. Each day I add silver to their wet food and (when Raisin allows) I put the Active Silver Magic gel on her leg lesions. I noticed an improvement straight away. Since “silvering” my cats Raisin has had another flare up, so the silver hasn’t stopped the problem occurring but it certainly reduces the symptoms if they arise. What I like about the product is that it’s completely natural, you cannot overdose on it and it’s considerably cheaper than the vets bills!

This condition cannot be cured so going to the vets at every flare up is fruitless. I feel much happier now that I can self-treat my pets and know that my other cat Rum should continue to be symptom free as he now has Active Silver.

Lucy has been exceptionally helpful and really knows her product. I would recommend that everyone has some Active Silver in their home as it is such a versatile product that can be used on adults, babies and pets alike, whether that be for spots, burns, lesions or just general well-being! Thank you Active Silver.

Zoë E

Sarah, my charming cat of nearly 16 years, started getting severe skin problems three years ago.

While it got better after a while, it only really improved when I started to put her on a daily dose of Active Silver added to her water.

She now enjoys being groomed again and loses less hair, plus her fur seems more silky and shiny.

Her digestion (=poo) has also improved, much less messy.
Thank you so much Active Silver for making her a much happier cat!

Petra R.

Our dog Cooper, of 15 years, has many health issues however since using Active Silver a stubborn ear infection has really improved and after putting it in his food, everyone has noticed has certainly got a spring in his step again. We have had many years of very expensive vets bills, the last one was £650! Who knew something so reasonably priced and natural would make such a difference…. he loves it and won’t eat his food without it! Amazing, thank you Active Silver, looking forward to the new wash!

Alex M

One of my reindeer’s, Lightening, injured her antler on the wire fence, badly cutting the area around it. We applied Active Silver’s Magic Gel to a bandage and applied this morning and at night. Within 24 hours it was starting to heal nicely, within 3-4 days it had healed, and within a week virtually no sign of the wound. It’s amazing stuff and would definitely recommend it. We won’t be without it now as a great way to heal and self treat our animals.“  Andy C

Andy C

The fantastic news is that the wound which had seemingly reached a plateau in healing started to improve (albeit it slowly) with Active Silver’s products and magic gel.

The unsightly raised lump of coronet band that had separated from the hoof, finally fell off – so not only is the wound almost completely healed, but aesthetically the foot will look normal (which we didn’t think it ever would).

The vet visited and was amazed – she didn’t ever think it would look this good and that the wound healing is much better than she expected as a result of using your products.

There is no doubt that the combination of your silver products and our very careful and patient management (she has been stabled since November) has enabled the wound to heal.

Billy is now signed off with the vet and we are going to turn her out later this week when the ground has dried a bit.

Sue R-S