Nasal Spray 50ml bottle – 10ppm Colloidal Silver - Active Silver
Nasal Spray 50ml bottle – 10ppm Colloidal Silver - Active Silver
Nasal Spray 50ml bottle – 10ppm Colloidal Silver - Active Silver
Nasal Spray 50ml bottle – 10ppm Colloidal Silver - Active Silver

Nasal Spray 50ml bottle – 10ppm Colloidal Silver

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The nasal spray bottle is designed to help with sinuses, allergies, keep the nasal passage clean and to boost the immune system.

This 50ml bottle is made from PET plastic and is capped with a tamper-evident plastic cap and comes with a nasal spray attachment.

A natural, effective and essential item to have at home, for all of your family and pets, at the first sign of an infection or irritation.

The natural antibacterial and antifungal properties of silver can be used to clean sinuses, reduce irritation and infection. The colloidal silver can destroy bacteria and fungi causing infection and/or it can be used as a preventative.

We have a blog post all about colloidal silver nasal sprays here...


Colloidal Silver Benefits:

  • Essential item to have at home or for travel as part of your first aid kit
  • Premium quality Colloidal Silver products made by Active Silver in our own purpose-built laboratory
  • Manufactured by a UK family business, with over 25 years of’ experience
  • Silver has long been known for its antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties

Customers have reported many benefits of Colloidal Silver. For more information, do please see our Testimonials.


All of our products are 100% natural and can help to improve health, skin conditions and other ailments in people and animals. 

  • Formulated from the highest quality natural plant oils, plant extracts, and noble metals
  • Vegan friendly and absolutely not tested on animals
  • All bottles and jars can be recycled


Can be used for adults and children. 1-2 pumps into the nostril, can be used up to 6 times a day.

Upon purchasing your Active Silver products, you will receive instructions with guidelines on how to use all products. And you can always contact us for more information if you need it.

This nasal spray can be used in conjunction with any other Active Silver products.


Refrigerate or keep in a cool, dark place. This product has a shelf life of 1 year.


99.99% Pure Silver and European Pharmaceutical Grade Water. Active Silver’s Colloidal Silver is manufactured at 10ppm.


"I have nasal polyps and have recently had my third operation to try and remove them and stop them growing back. I have been taking silver orally and nasally for the last few months now.A big issue for me is picking up colds and trying to keep my nose as infection-free as possible to stop the regrowth of the polyps. I have managed to avoid the viruses going around and I put the silver in my nasal wash to rinse out my nose twice a day which has been hugely beneficial. Thank you Active Silver!!" - Emma P

"Having used several prescription steroid nasal sprays for persistent polyps and sinusitis, I've been truly delighted with the effectiveness of the Active Silver nasal spray as a natural alternative!

I much prefer using this product, compared to using a steroid spray that gives me a sore throat - I definitely won't be going back to steroids!" - Nicola R

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