Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Colloidal Silver is used by many across the globe for a wide range of ailments.

Can Colloidal Silver be used on pets?

Well, let’s talk about dogs specifically. 26% of people in the United Kingdom own dogs.

That’s a huge amount of people!

As I’m sure you know, dogs get ill and can frequently injure themselves.

Can Colloidal Silver help?

Colloidal Silver is known to be useful in helping with inflammation, cuts, grazes, burns, parasites, infections, gum health and more...

Active Silver offers a Colloidal Silver Gel for topical use called ‘Magic Gel’.

Many Active Silver customers report success using Magic Gel and many have used it on their pets.

Here are some examples of Active Silver success stories:

"Our dog Cooper, of 15 years, has many health issues however since using Active Silver a stuborn ear infection has really improved and after putting it in his food, everyone has noticed has certainly got a spring in his step again.We have had many years of very expensive vets bills, the last one was £650! Who knew something so reasonably priced and natural would make such a difference…. he loves it and won’t eat his food without it! Amazing, thank you Active Silver, looking forward to the new wash!"

Alex M

"Our dog Jimmy had an infected lump on his right ear from a nasty tick bite. The vets prescribed strong steroid cream which we didn’t want to use on our little dog. After getting some great advice from Lucy at Active Silver, we opted for their Magic Gel as a natural alternative. Within 5 days the area healed over and he is, thankfully, back to normal now. Thank you Active Silver!"

Alison W.

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